BACKHUS, Biological Drying and Composting Machine

Efficient Turning in Lanes

BACKHUS CON combines the proven BACKHUS turning technology with the flexible CONVAERO system, allowing for efficient turning in lanes for composting and biological drying of municipal solid waste and organic wastes, digestate and sewage sludge. The turner is equipped with a crawler chassis used to run along the lane walls while turning within the walls. BACKHUS CON is furthermore equipped with two membrane winders that simultaneously wind and unwind the membranes during the turning process. This ensures a virtually closed system even during turning.

This innovation from Eggersmann is available for lane widths of 6 m (BACKHUS CON 60), 8 m (BACKHUS CON 80) and 10 m (BACKHUS CON 100).


You can ask your questions to us about BACKHUS CON
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