Balance Material Handler

The EQ principle – Material handlers in constant equilibrium

The equipment is perfectly balanced in any work position by the counterweight, which is directly connected to the equipment. This means that only a small amount of energy is needed to drive the equipment – even when large operating ranges and heavy loads are involved. Balance material handlers manage with only 50% of the installed capacity of conventional machines. In combination with an electro-hydraulic drive, up to 75% of the operating costs can be saved in this way compared to conventional material handlers with diesel engines.

Balance material handlers for an integrated logistics system

Balance material handlers are the basis for an efficient, productive, and cost-effective logistics system for scrapyards, Ports, or Lumber mills. With stationary balancer machines, wide areas can be covered and multiple vehicles can be replaced. That not only brings a logistical added value, it also enhances the occupational health and safety and lowers the operating costs.

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