Bütün modelleri gözden geçir


Model Tip Çalışma Ağırlığı Maks. Kaldırma kapasitesi Maks. Mesafe
Multihandler 305 Multihandler
XL Multihandler
11,5 t
11,8 t
5 t
5 t
7,3 m
9,0 m
Multihandler 310 Multiloader
21 t
10 t
9,3 m

Did you know ... ?

... that with the the 305 and 310 Multiloader, you maintain a unique margin of safety through the elevating cab?

... that the Multiloaders have longer wheelbase than with other comparable loaders, but nevertheless have compacter main dimensions?

... that the multi-loader through its robust construction can reach more than twice as many operating hours as a comparable telehandler?